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Amelia Earhart Waited Forty Years!

The mystery and intrigue of Mere is addicting, as each clue is like a getting a piece to a larger puzzle. The book is not only rich in plot, but it is also lavishly detailed and driven by high emotion.

—San Francisco Book Review

Imagine, if you will, an orchestration by the world-famous aviator and her equally famous lover, Margaret Mead, to forever escape to a tiny South Pacific island out of the glare of the paparazzi. However, years pass and Amelia makes a home for herself among the islanders who call her Mere while waiting for the promise to be fulfilled.

It isn’t until she is summoned that Mere finds she must consider the value of a promise against responding to the message, “I am dying. I want—no I need—you beside me.”  Eighty-year-old Mere weighs the risks of leaving home and venturing across the seas to discover a strikingly different world from the one she’d left in order to challenge the strength of a commitment she’d made forty years earlier.

Author Mary Walker Baron couldn’t get this story out of her mind and carried it with her for at least a decade. BUT THIS IS DIFFERENT is an improbable tale, but equally amazing, magical and transformative.  Readers will find themselves wondering “what if” whenever Amelia Earhart’s name is mentioned and may feel like history was simply correcting itself through this gripping work.


 But This Is Different embodies the despair we must be willing to feel if we are to truly love, and gives us hope that we can integrate not only our separate islands but our separate selves.  Mary Walker Baron has crafted an eco-philosophical, eco-psychological and eco-spiritual masterpiece of profound significance and joy.

Jackie Lanum PhD. -- Professor, Santa Monica College, International Community of Ecopsychologists, Joanna Macy facilitator


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